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About Us

Bogodyne Metatechnics LLC was formed in 2019 to preserve the past and secure the future of ZetaLisp development. Our driving goals are the further development of Lisp Machines and the promotion of their use. We are committed to ensuring ZetaLisp and its legacy remain available to hackers past and future.

Bogodyne ZetaLisp

Carrying on in the best traditions of hackers past, Bogodyne is absolutely sure that ZetaLisp will revolutionize software development and change your world - sometime next week, maybe Tuesday. You'll see, it's gonna be awesome.

Actively Developed

The Bogodyne ZetaLisp system is under active development. It is our goal to produce a system usable in the modern era.

True Lisp Machine Lisp

Bogodyne ZetaLisp is directly descended from the original Lisp Machine Lisp dialect.
Accept no substitutes!


The Bogodyne ZetaLisp system is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License, identical to that of MIT's release of the CADR software.

Numbers Are Good, Right? People Like Numbers.

I'm bad at quantifying progress toward a nebulous and vaguely-defined goal, so in an attempt to give an indication of active work being done which will eventually produce some kind of tangible result, here are some numbers that we feel are in some way indicative of software development progress.


instances of "don't know" or "don't understand" in source code comments


times we've successfully broken the cold load
(in ways we know about)


failed attempts at fixing the most recently found network-related lossage before winning


uses of the zmacs "undo" feature as a result of
cat on keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we want to, because we can, and because we routinely make poor decisions.

At this stage of things, if you have to ask, you probably don’t. There may be more reasons to care later.

We negotiated with the current holders of LMI’s intellectual property to obtain the right to create and release derivative works based on it.

We do not represent ourselves as LMI or GSI, we are an entirely distinct entity. We were not granted the right to use any LMI/GSI names or trademarks.

Bogodyne Metatechnics is not related to Symbolics in any way. We do not provide support for Symbolics hardware or software – for that please see their web site.

For questions regarding software lineage and provenance, please see our page regarding Symbolics and the Lisp Machine Lisp family tree.

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